by Matt Alderton | January 15, 2017
Wondering where the best places are to meet abroad? A good place to start is with the best places to live. For that, consider the following list of the "Top 10 Best Places to Live Overseas in 2017," courtesy of Live and Invest Overseas:

10. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "This is a little-known, low-key, low-population destination offering a tranquil, serene, close-to-nature lifestyle at a cost that's a global bargain."

9. Granada, Nicaragua

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a troubled history that appeals to the romantic, the poet, the eco-traveler, the surfer (the break off Nicaragua's Pacific coast is world-class), and the bargain hunter."

8. Barcelona, Spain

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Spain's second-biggest city is easily and quickly explored thanks to its compact, well-laid-out design ... and the opportunities for diversion, entertainment, and discovery are many."

7. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Playa is home to more than 10,000 foreigners, including Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Argentinians, Venezuelans, and many other nationals of all ages."

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Since the 1800s, the Thai city of Chiang Mai has been luring expats from the West with its über-low cost of living, great weather (especially compared with elsewhere in Thailand), rich history, and distinct culture."

5. Pau, France

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "The charms and appeals of French Country Life are unrivaled. In this context, we suggest you consider Pau, also known as the 'Green City' and the 'Garden City,' thanks to its ratio of greenery per square meter per person."

4. Santa Familia, Belize

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Little Santa Familia village in Cayo, Belize ... is a region of wide-open spaces, fresh air, warm sun, and fertile land, making it our pick for the world's best place to disconnect and unplug."

3. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Las Terrenas is quintessential Caribbean with a French twist. The big and established community of French expats living in this white-sand beach town means fresh baguette, great restaurants, and kisses on both cheeks in greeting."

2. El Poblado, Colombia

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "Located in one corner of Medellín, El Poblado offers a comfortable, tranquil, idyllic way of life for a super affordable cost."

1. Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal (pictured)

Says Live and Invest Overseas: "The take-your-breath-away views from Carvoeiro's rocky coast, the constant sunshine, the near-perfect weather year-round, the food, the wine, the history ... it all adds up to top-shelf living for a very bargain price."

Source: Live and Invest Overseas