by Matt Alderton | August 06, 2017
Meeting destinations are no longer judged solely by their weather, location, or affordability. Increasingly, they're also judged by their treatment of the environment. If sustainability is important to your group, consider meeting in cities that have won City Climate Leadership Awards from Siemens and the Cities Climate Leadership Group. Although this year's winners haven't yet been announced, the following 10 were the awards' inaugural recipients in 2013:

10. Bogota, Colombia
Bogota was recognized in the category of "Urban Transportation" for its high-efficiency bus and taxi fleets.

9. Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne was recognized in the "Energy-Efficient Built Environment" category for an incentive program that gives financing to building owners who make sustainable improvements.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen was recognized in the "Carbon Measurement & Planning" award for its 2025 Climate Plan, which it hopes will make the city completely carbon-neutral by 2025.

7. Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City was recognized in the "Air Quality" category for ProAire, a program that has greatly reduced carbon emissions and air pollution in the city over the last 20 years.

6. Munich, Germany
Munich was recognized in the "Green Energy" category for its initiative to convert the city to power from 100 percent renewable sources by 2025.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio was recognized in the "Sustainable Communities" category for its Morar Carioca Program, which aims to "re-urbanize" the city's inner-city slums by 2020.

4. New York, NY
New York was recognized in the "Adaptation & Resilience" category for its "A Stronger, More Resilient New York," its post-Hurricane Sandy resiliency plan.

3. San Francisco, CA
San Francisco was recognized in the "Waste Management" category for its zero waste program, which plans to divert 100 percent of city garbage from landfills by 2020.

2. Singapore
Singapore was recognized in the "Intelligent City Infrastructure" category for its Intelligent Transport System, which includes a bevy of smart transportation initiatives, such as real-time traffic data from GPS-enabled taxis.

1. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo was recognized in the "Finance & Economic Development" category for its launch of the world's first cap and trade program, which has dramatically cut carbon emissions in Japan's largest city.

Source: Cities Climate Leadership Group