by Matt Alderton | October 08, 2017
In the age of social media, a company's business is only as good as its reputation. If you're planning a corporate meeting, therefore, you've got to take great care to locate it in a destination that is not only exciting, accessible, and affordable, but also reputable. To find exactly that, consult the Reputation Institute's annual "City RepTrak" survey, which ranks the world's 56 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration, and respect. Here are the top 10 cities from this year's rankings:

10. Toronto, Canada

9. Milan, Italy

8. Barcelona, Spain

7. Melbourne, Australia

6. London, England

5. Vancouver, Canada

4. Stockholm, Sweden

3. Vienna, Austria

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Sydney, Australia (pictured)

Source: Reputation Institute