by Matt Alderton | August 13, 2017
Meeting planners who keep their meeting attendees cooped up inside can choose to meet practically anywhere, as long as it has hotels or a convention center with ample indoor meeting space. Planners who want to give attendees a breath of fresh air, however -- literally and figuratively -- should look for destinations that have outdoor recreation in spades. Here are 10 of the most affordable, according to

10. Buffalo, NY
Although this former manufacturing hub doesn't immediately scream "nature," it's just 30 minutes from Niagara Falls.

9. Knoxville, TN
Because it's just 45 minutes from Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Knoxville is known as "the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains."

8. Atlanta, GA
Atlanta is just 15 miles from the 2,500-acre Sweetwater Creek State Park and has more than 3,000 restaurants with outdoor dining.

7. Chico, CA
Within 90 minutes of Chico is Lassen Volcanic National Park, home to active volcanoes and numerous hydrothermal wonders.

6. Tampa, FL
Tampa boasts year-round temperatures that average over 70 degrees and has one restaurant with outdoor seating per 180 residents.

5. Dayton, OH
Dayton has been named a "Bicycle-Friendly Community" by the League of American Bicyclists for its 30 miles of central city trails that connect to more than 300 miles of bike paths.

4. Greensboro, NC
Bikers love Greensboro for the dedicated mountain-biking trails at nearby Country Park while pedestrians like it for the elevated boardwalk at Benjamin Park's Bog Garden, which takes visitors through 7 acres of wetlands.

3. Morgantown, WV
Check out the Morgantown arboretum, which offers visitors 91 acres of trees and flowers, the 4.5-mile Cheat Lake Trail, a popular place to bike, hike, fish, and swim.

2. Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh has 18 state parks within a one-hour drive, including 20,500-acre Ohiopyle State Park, which offers rock climbing, whitewater boating, sailing, and mountain biking. 

1. Greenville, SC (pictured)

Greenville is beloved for Falls Park, a 32-acre park on the Reedy River in downtown Greenville; established in 2004,it features art galleries, a suspension bridge, outdoor theater performances, and waterfalls.