by Matt Alderton | May 21, 2017
If you're wondering where you should take your next international meeting, you might want to consider where Americans want to go on their summer vacation. International luxury travel network Virtuoso has some ideas. Here is its list of the top 10 destinations for summer travel, based on future bookings between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2017:

10. Denmark
Denmark is beloved for its marine culture, according to Virtuoso.

9. Netherlands
Like Denmark behind it, and Germany ahead of it, the Netherlands is popular for its adjacency to the sea, Virtuoso reports.

8. Canada
Virtuoso says Canada is an obvious choice for American travelers, thanks to its proximity to the United States.

7. Ireland
Ireland's "historic  charm  and lively  culture" appeal to American travelers, according to Virtuoso.

6. Germany
Like Denmark and the Netherlands, Germany is a popular pre- and post-cruise destination, according to Virtuoso.

5. South Africa
Virtuoso says South Africa is especially popular among adventure travelers, who like it for its "bucket-list  safaris, scenic beauty, and authentic experiences."

4. Spain
Spain -- along with France, the United Kingdom, and Italy -- is beloved for its "natural and cultural attractions," Virtuoso reports.

3. France
Its famous landmarks and cultural attractions make France a perennial favorite for American travelers, according to Virtuoso.

2. United Kingdom
Virtuoso says the relative strength of the U.S. dollar against the British pound is one reason Americans are flocking to the United Kingdom.

1. Italy
Italy's iconic sites make it tops, according to Virtuoso.

Source: Virtuoso