by Matt Alderton | June 11, 2017
If you're among the millions of young Americans graduating from college this month, one of the most important decisions you'll make after throwing your cap is where to hang your hat. Job search site Monster has some suggestions. Here is its list of the 10 best U.S. cities for new graduates, based on the number of job openings for college grads posted in each city between January and March:

10. Philadelphia, PA
8,304 job openings

9. Houston, TX
10,021 job postings

8. Seattle, WA
10,512 job postings

7. Atlanta, GA
10,937 job postings

6. Washington, DC
11,132 job postings

5. San Francisco, CA
11,244 job postings

4. Boston, MA
11,498 job postings

3. Los Angeles, CA
11,933 job postings

2. Chicago, IL
15,503 job postings

1. New York, NY
31,682 job postings