by Matt Alderton | November 12, 2017
Modern cities face a litany of tough challenges, from traffic, pollution, and energy to transportation, health, and safety. In the decades ahead, the cities that are most prepared to solve those challenges are the ones that will reign supreme, according to EasyPark Group, a startup that tracks city parking data. It recently published its "2017 Smart Cities Index," which explores what cities are the most prepared for the future. Based on factors such as 4G LTE coverage, the availability of smart parking, and clean energy usage, among many others, it says the top 10 future-ready cities are:

10. Melbourne, Australia

9. Geneva, Switzerland

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. San Francisco, California, USA

6. Tokyo, Japan

5. Boston, Massachusetts, USA

4. Zurich, Switzerland

3. Stockholm, Sweden

2. Singapore, Singapore

1. Copenhagen, Denmark (pictured)

Source: EasyPark Group