by Matt Alderton | April 10, 2016
Nearly nine out of 10 U.S. families with children have at least one working parent. If your family is one of them, consider SmartAsset's list of "The Top 10 Cities for Working Parents." Living in one of them could make your life as a working mom or dad just a little bit easier:

10. Edmond, OK

Says SmartAsset: "Of the nearly 450 cities in SmartAsset's analysis, Edmond ranked sixth for the average graduation rate of local high schools ... That makes life a little easier for working parents, who won't have to stress over finding a good local school for their kid to attend."

9. Provo, UT

Says SmartAsset: "Unlike most other major tech hubs, Provo remains quite affordable. Median annual housing costs in the city are ... less than half the cost of housing in San Jose or San Francisco, which means working parents will be able to devote more of their income to childcare, diapers, or trips to Disney World."

8. Palo Alto, CA

Says SmartAsset: "Palo Alto, home to Stanford University, may be a great city for working parents -- if they can afford to live there. The median annual cost of housing in Palo Alto is ... the highest of any city in SmartAsset's analysis. At the same time, Palo Alto also claims the highest median income."

7. Oshkosh, WI

Says SmartAsset: "While [Oshkosh] has a strong economic environment -- unemployment is just 3.6 percent -- it is also fairly affordable."

6. Columbia, MO

Says SmartAsset: "Located in central Missouri, Columbia is the quintessential Midwestern college town. Bolstered by the University of Missouri, it has a strong employment market, with unemployment at just 2.8 percent. Childcare in Missouri is also quite affordable."

5. Jonesboro, AR

Says SmartAsset: "Arkansas has some of the lowest childcare costs in the nation. According to Child Care Aware of America ... averages are less than half the cost of childcare in places like Massachusetts and Minnesota."

4. Iowa City, IA

Says SmartAsset: "Iowa City ... has the fourth-lowest unemployment rate of any city in SmartAsset's analysis, at just 2.4%. Yet Iowa City also offers a small town atmosphere. The average commute time is ... 24th lowest in the U.S."

3. Irvine, CA

Says SmartAsset: "Irvine is one of California's most well-educated cities. That is evident in the quality of local schools, which have an average graduation rate of 95 percent, 13th highest in SmartAsset's study. Other reasons working parents may find Irvine to be the perfect place to raise a family are ... California's family-friendly policies. California was the first state to pass a paid family leave law."

2. Wichita Falls, TX

Says SmartAsset: "Wichita Falls [is] the 32nd most affordable place in SmartAsset's analysis. At the same time, Wichita Falls offers families a good school system, with an average graduation rate that places in the top 10 percent of the 446 cities in SmartAsset's analysis."

1. Orem, UT

Says SmartAsset: "This Utah city combines a relatively high quality of life for families with strong employment conditions for workers. It has the fourth-lowest crime rate of any city in SmartAsset's analysis. Likewise, the average travel time to work of 17 minutes rates as the 33rd lowest. That leaves working parents with more time every day to spend with their kids."

Source: SmartAsset