by Matt Alderton | March 01, 2014
Hotel venues are perfectly fine. And room service has its moments. When you're on an exciting trip in an exciting place, however, the last thing you want to eat is a mundane meal. Instead of yet another burger at yet another lobby restaurant, check out these unusual — and in some cases, downright strange — eateries, named to Reader's Digest's list of "10 Weird Restaurants Around the World":

10. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Rangali Island, Maldives)
"Encased in a transparent acrylic roof, the restaurant offers its diners a 270-degree panoramic view of sea creatures swimming in the Maldives’ crystal clear waters," Reader's Digest says.

9. Ninja New York (New York)
"Designed to look like a 15th-century Japanese feudal village full of dark nooks and snaking passageways, you’ll dine amongst stealthy warriors — the waiters — who roam, romp, and perform tricks, all the while serving sushi and sake," Reader's Digest says.

8. Dinner in the Sky (Montreal, Canada)
"The concept involves a crane hoisting guests, who are securely strapped into 'dining chairs' 160 feet up in the air, along with a table, wait staff, and everything that’s required to enjoy a meal floating above the ground," Reader's Digest explains.

7. Redwoods Treehouse (Warkworth, New Zealand)
"Built in 2008, the pod-shaped structure is situated over 32 feet above the ground in a Redwood tree," Reader's Digest reports.

6. Cat Café Nekorobi (Tokyo, Japan)
"Nekorobi is a hip cat café ... where you can spend time with friends of the feline kind," Reader's Digest says. "Visit in the evening and you’ll have a chance to witness the dinnertime ritual where the kitties feast on cat food in glass food bowls arranged in a circle around a floor lamp."

5. Safe House (Milwaukee, Wis.)
"Everything related to the spy-themed restaurant is based on the CIA definition of a safe house, which is meant to be a seemingly innocent premise where an intelligence organization would conduct its covert operations in relative security," Reader's Digest says.

4. Modern Toilet (Taipei City, Taiwan)
"Initially it only sold chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like a squat toilet, but once the humorous spin became a great success, a full-fledged, bathroom-themed eatery emerged," Reader's Digest reports.

3. De Kas (Amsterdam)
"De Kas [is] an old greenhouse in Amsterdam that was due to be demolished in 2001, but was saved by an ambitious Michelin star chef, Gert Jan Hageman, who converted the unique 26-foot-high glass building into a restaurant and nursery," Reader's Digest explains.

2. The Bubble Room (Captiva Island, Fla.)
"This eclectic restaurant decorated with classic toys from the 1930s and 1940s started as a small one-room eatery, and today has grown into a multi-themed restaurant occupying all three stories of the house it originated in," Reader's Digest says.

1. O.NOIR (Toronto)
"O.NOIR's philosophy is that a diner’s enjoyment is amplified when his sight is eliminated as the other senses become heightened. Flashlights, cellphones, and luminous watches are prohibited from the dark dining establishment," Reader's Digest states.

Source: Reader's Digest