by Matt Alderton | January 03, 2016
If your New Year's resolution is to be more "green," your goal will be a lot easier to achieve if you live in a city with lots of public transit options. Here are the 10 U.S. cities where it's easiest to shrink your carbon footprint by catching a bus or train, courtesy of the website Walk Score, which says cities have "excellent transit" if they have a Transit Score of 70 to 89 and are a "rider's paradise" if they have a Transit Score of 90 to 100:

10. Seattle
Transit Score: 57

9. Minneapolis
Transit Score: 57.5

8. Baltimore
Transit Score: 57.8

7. Miami
Transit Score: 59.4

6. Chicago
Transit Score: 64.7

5. Philadelphia
Transit Score: 66.8

4. Washington, DC
Transit Score: 70.6

3. Boston
Transit Score: 74.4

2. San Francisco
Transit Score: 80.4

1. New York
Transit Score: 84.1

Source: Walk Score