by Matt Alderton | June 22, 2014
For most people, the world's top travel destinations are those with the best weather, the most history or the coolest attractions. For foodies, however, they're the places with the best restaurants, the best-known chefs or the most authentic cuisine. Here are 10 such places, named the "Top 10 Foodie Cities 2014" by

10. Washington, D.C.
Says "Washington, D.C.'s food scene was recently transformed from a place known for its power lunches to a four-course foodie destination."

9. Omaha, Neb.
Says "Think you've been to a steakhouse? One visit to The Drover in Omaha, Neb., will have you thinking again ... Many guests come out claiming to have just tasted the best steak they've ever had."

8. Burlington, Vt.
Says "You'll still see long-haired, shoeless remnants of Burlington, Vt.'s hippie past picking up organic produce at the farmers market, but you're just as likely to see suave chefs seeking out the ingredients for their next four-star meal."

7. Boulder, Colo.
Says "Known for its array of outdoor adventures, the mountain town of Boulder, Colo., contains an equally impressive collection of restaurants, markets and food purveyors."

6. Berkeley, Calif.
Says "Few cities offer as many scenes within their food scenes as Berkeley, Calif. There's the fleet of food trucks delivering gourmet meals; cafes serving small bites; neighborhood bistros paired with small-batch brewers; and, of course, the high-end restaurants overlooking the bay."

5. Traverse City, Mich.
Says "The cherry groves, lakes, lush forests and beaches surrounding Traverse City, Mich., create a fairytale setting, but the dreams come true are the city's restaurants, wineries, artisan bakeries and farmers markets."

4. Asheville, N.C.
Says "When hopping from brewery to brewery in Asheville, N.C., it's common to also land in a restaurant that will tempt your taste buds."

3. Boston
Says "Foodies no longer refer to Boston, Mass., as 'bean town.' And while there are still plenty of places serving up indescribably good clam chowder, it's the inventive, eclectic bistro cuisine that's being toasted these days."

2. Scottsdale, Ariz.
Says "Don't let the arid, desert climate and western architecture fool you - the food scene in Scottsdale, Ariz., is lush."

1. New Haven, Conn.
Says "Students attending Yale University can get a culinary education simply by walking through downtown New Haven and sampling the cuisine found in the city's eclectic restaurants, some of which date back to the late 1800s."