by Matt Alderton | January 12, 2014
Because parents, grandparents and kids rarely agree on destinations, let alone hotels and activities, family vacations can be among the most difficult types of trip to book. To please everyone, consider the places on Lonely Planet's list of the "Best Family Travel Destinations for 2014":
10. Denmark
According to Lonely Planet, Denmark is "compact and not always cheap, but built for kids." Attractions include the Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen and Legoland in Jutland.

9. Thailand
"Few cultures on earth will fawn over your children like the family-friendly Thai," observes Lonely Planet, which recommends Thailand for its exotic temples, beaches, food and wildlife — including monkeys.

8. Belize
Lonely Planet calls Belize "an affordable Caribbean trip that is a boon for families" since it's "compact, cheap and nearly everyone speaks English."

7. India
India is a "thrilling choice for family travel," according to Lonely Planet, which cites the country's elephants, palaces, castles, trains, beaches, jungles and wildlife parks as major draws.

6. New York
Closer to home, New York's buildings and attractions are "recognizable from a thousand shows and hundreds of songs," according to Lonely Planet, which calls the city "a surprisingly stimulating place to go for kids of all ages."

5. Hawaii

Hawaii is a Lonely Planet favorite because of its "volcanoes, snorkeling, sea turtles, white sands, crystal seas and submarines."

4. Prague
Lonely Planet calls Prague "a particularly good choice for a weekend away" — even for kids, who will enjoy its tram and its fairy tale architecture.

3. Italy
"Italians love family," Lonely Planet observes, which makes it a great place to travel with yours. A bonus: "People are used to children eating out and kids stay up late."

2. Iceland
Families who enjoy nature will be drawn to Iceland, according to Lonely Planet, which praises the country's "smoking geysers, bubbling mud pots … live volcanoes, thermal pools and … magical northern lights."

1. Lapland
In winter, this northern region of Finland is "like something sprung from a story book," according to Lonely Planet, which says Lapland is "where Father Christmas actually, truly, honestly lives."

Source: Lonely Planet