by Matt Alderton | April 13, 2014
As a meeting professional, you already have a good idea about the best places to visit — places with good hotels, nice weather, plenty of airlift and interesting attractions. But what about the best places to live? If you're looking for a change in scenery — not just for the weekend, but permanently — try the places on SML's list of "The 10 Best Cities to Move to in 2014":

10. Houston

"As the largest city in Texas, and the fourth-largest in the entire United States, modern metropolitan Houston has plenty to offer for every walk of life," SML says.

9. Tampa, Fla.

"When Forbes ranks you among its best outdoor cities in the United States, you know you're living the high life," SML says.

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

"Whether you grab your skis and hit Salt Lake City's famous slopes or rub elbows with Hollywood elite at the Sundance Film Festival, 'The Crossroads of the West' has a lot to offer for residents of all ages, interests, and religions," SML says.

7. Fort Worth, Texas

"Although it's planted firmly in the South, Fort Worth's motto 'Where the West Begins' is entirely appropriate," SML says. "Fort Worth is truly a cultural gateway to the west — and there's plenty to do."

6. Minneapolis

"Boasting the fifth-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, the 'Mini Apple' is a fantastic place to find a corner office in which to hang your diploma," SML says.

5. Orlando

"Yes, it's true that Orlando is 'The Theme Park Capital of the World,' but there's so much more to 'The City Beautiful' than Disney and Universal Studios," SML points out.

4. Phoenix

"Although Phoenix is technically a desert, you'd be wrong to conjure images of dusty streets and tumbleweeds," SML says. "There's a lot more to America's 6th largest city than cacti and sand dunes."

3. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

"Ft. Lauderdale is pretty much perfect for anyone who isn't a vampire or day-walker," SML says. "The city boasts over 4,000 restaurants, 60 golf courses, 12 shopping malls, and 130-odd nightclubs to keep you entertained."

2. Seattle

"Did you know that Seattle actually ranks 44th in the US in terms of average annual rainfall?" SML asks. "Whether you're at CenturyLink or Safeco Field watching the Seahawks or Mariners, or Alki Beach watching actual seahawks and mariners, you're bound to enjoy this gem of the West Coast."

1. Boise, Idaho

"If you love hiking, biking, and the great outdoors, you're going to love Boise," SML says. "The Hull's Gulch trail system can be accessed directly from 8th street, and Boise is also home to the extensive Boise River Greenbelt."

Source: SML