by Matt Alderton | July 22, 2019
The best leaders guide their employees not by telling them what they want them to achieve, but rather by showing them. Unfortunately, showing is really difficult from behind a closed door.

"When I think about the role of CEO -- or any leader for that matter -- one of the first qualities that comes to mind is positive and far-reaching influence. Great CEOs don't simply tell their teams what to do -- they build a great team of leaders who embody the culture of collaboration, innovation and transparency, showing them the way and explaining how they'll get there," author Sanjay Beri says in an article for "Influencing and helping those around you to achieve their best requires being in the midst of those you lead. And that's very hard to do when you're shut up in an office."

So, how can leaders be more effective? According to Beri, who is CEO of Netskope, a cloud-security firm, they should move out of their offices and take a desk that's out in the open. That's exactly what Beri has done in his office of 500-plus people. "Sitting at a desk in the middle of the office ensures my influence can extend to the whole team; that I'm tuned in to the company; anyone can approach me and share thoughts; and I can learn from everyone in an easy, informal and transparent way," he continues.

Give it a try.

"For a CEO -- or any senior business leader -- being connected to the people you work with is a major factor in the success of your company," Beri concludes. "Break down barriers to speaking with you, make yourself as available as you can, spitball ideas with teams and keep an eye on the culture. Your business will be better for it, no corner office required."

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