by Alex Palmer | August 03, 2018
Contract negotiations are a delicate balance for meeting planners, with a number of factors impacting their negotiating position. On Thursday, Aug. 9, Successful Meetings will host a webcast on "How to Adapt Your Negotiation Style," detailing the many elements that can play a role in such a negotiation -- from outside forces such as the economy and politics to situations unique to an event such as lead time and group size. 
Whatever the circumstances, and whatever a planner's negotiating position, there are always opportunities to get a better deal for your event -- if you know what your options are. To help understand what these opportunities are, we have gathered three experts from the legal and meeting-planning fields to share techniques for identifying strengths and weaknesses in a negotiating position and provide strategic tips for leveraging the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses.

Sponsored by the Visit Costa Rica, this webcast will feature the following speakers: 

John S. Foster, Esq., CHME, an attorney, speaker, author and legal counsel, whose firm Foster, Jensen & Gulley, who specializes in the legal aspects of meetings and conventions, trade shows and events, and association management. He has been an associate or general counsel for over 400 national and regional associations and companies since 1986 and is the author of  the soon-to-be-published Hotel & Facility Contracts: A Field Guide and Best Practices for Meeting & Event Professionals

Jonathan T. Howe, president and a senior and founding partner of Howe & Hutton, Ltd. and general counsel to Meeting Professionals International, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Committee of 100, The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (formerly known as the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) and International Special Events Society, to name just a few. 

Jennifer D. Collins, CMP, president and CEO of JDC Events, a Washington, D.C.-based event design company that delivers programs for corporate, government and nonprofit clients, which has been ranked one of the top meeting and event planning companies in the Washington, D.C. region by the Washington Business Journal for 11 consecutive years. 

For more information and to register for the webcast, please go here.