by Amaia Stecker | October 07, 2019

Getting sponsors for your event can be a daunting task. However, by going beyond the traditional banners or logos on badges, and creating sponsored experiences for your event, you will provide true value to the potential sponsor and bring in more dollars to your event.

These days companies are looking for ways to get involved rather than just being seen. Here are my top tips for creating these engaging experiences while still raising funds for your organization.

Go beyond the transactional sponsorship. 
Look at your event and think creatively about which elements can be sponsored without simply creating a transactional relationship (i.e. tickets or branding in exchange for money). What do you need to implement, from an experiential perspective, that could be underwritten by a sponsor?

Tie the activation to a cause or value of the brand you are pitching.
Find ways to tie a core value of a sponsor's brand to on-site activations. For instance, if your target sponsor wants to align with health and wellness, have them sponsor a meditation lounge or morning fitness program.

Is giving back to the community important to them? Create an on-site community service project that will engage guests, choosing a local nonprofit to benefit. Adding such activities also are a win for you as the planner, since you are providing more value for your attendees, sponsors and overall event.

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