by Matt Alderton | January 25, 2017
As a business owner or manager, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about where and how to market your business. If you're like most entrepreneurs and executives, however, you don't spend nearly enough time thinking about what you should say when you do it.

"I get asked all sorts of specific, technical questions by prospects, such as, 'How do I improve my SEO?' … What I never get asked is, 'How do I write great copy?'" says contributor and writing consultant Han-Gwong Lung. "This is a shame, because copywriting is the one marketing tool that will never change."

So, what's the secret to good copy? According to Lung, it's copy that clearly and quickly communicates three things:

1. I do the job you need to get done.
2. I specialize in that job.
3. I do that job so well that my customers love working with me.

"Go straight into the meat of the matter by making sure they walk away with this information," Lung says.

Whether you're writing an ad, an email, or a web page, make sure you include a call to action (CTA), too.

"If I had to pick [a CTA] to bet my life on … it would be something like 'Join Free' or 'Try it out for 1 month FREE' because free value is priceless," Lung concludes. "Everyone likes free stuff! And everyone wants to work with a generous person."

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