by Matt Alderton | August 10, 2017
If there's one emotion that's keeping you from achieving work/life balance, it's probably guilt -- particularly if you're a working woman, says Huffington Post contributor Dr. Patty Ann Tublin.

"Guilt is the feeling that tugs at every professional woman's heartstring," Tublin says. "It acts like an albatross around our neck in our pursuit of work/life balance. The feeling of guilt we experience when we are at work and our kid(s) are at home. The feeling of guilt we experience when we are with our kids and think we should be at work. The evergreen feeling of guilt connected to believing we don't pay enough attention to, or spend enough time with our spouse. And heaven forbid we take five minutes out of the day to do something for ourselves. Guilt emanates from our every pore."

In case those feelings sound familiar, Tublin has a solution she insists can work for everyone: boundaries.

"The establishment of boundaries lays the foundation for creating a successful career and happy and fulfilling personal life," she continues. "When you are at work, spend your time and energy working. When you are at home, give your family your undivided attention. Be fully present in whatever you do and wherever you are."

That means no multi-tasking.

"Contrary to what many of us believe, current research reveals we are less productive multi-tasking than we would be if we did one thing at a time," Tublin explains. "One of many studies recently conducted by the University of California, Irvine, discovered it takes workers an average of twenty-five minutes to regain focus after having been distracted from emails, phone calls, etc. Therefore, multi-tasking is counter productive, and it cripples our effect for work/life balance."

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