by Matt Alderton | September 04, 2017
If there's one thing meeting attendees can't get enough of, it just might be text messaging. After all, meeting delegates who aren't paying attention to speakers are typically paying attention to their phones. Text messages don't have to be a distraction, however. At meetings that leverage their potential, they can be opportunities, instead.
"Text messaging is a great events tool for several reasons," said Successful Meetings contributor Alexa Lemzy, customer support and content manager for TextMagic. "First of all, nearly 100 percent of SMS messages are opened and 91 percent of those are opened within three minutes of being sent, meaning that you can be sure that your participants are going to get your message. SMS is also one of the most no-frills forms of communication -- it doesn't require an Internet connection or even a smartphone to work, so you'll be achieving pretty much universal reach by using it."

Lemzy has three ideas for using text messages at your next meeting. First, she suggested, use them to alert attendees about speakers and sessions.

"Enhance attendance at activities by keeping attendees informed with texts," offered Lemzy, whose second idea is using texts for polling. "Find out what topics people want to hear about and pass on the information to the presenters so they can tailor their talk to be relevant to the participating audience. This will help run a more successful presentation by giving the audience a better, more personalized experience."

Finally, use texts to say "thanks." "Send a message afterwards thanking attendees for their participation," Lemzy concluded. "It's a nice way to close an event and leave things on a positive note."

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