by Matt Alderton | December 13, 2017
Whether you're a small business or a big one, you should put your best foot forward in your marketing. And according to contributor Kim Walsh Phillips, your best asset is usually your customers.
"[Making] your customers … the center of your marketing [gives] them recognition and celebrity status while helping you to build your brand," Phillips says.

Customer-centric marketing starts with stories, according to Phillips. "In the content you share in your marketing, such as newsletters and blogs, instead of making your marketing about you, feature the successes of your customers. Tell the story of their problem before working with you and then after they had success with your business. If you can include actual tangible results, even better," she explains.

To take your storytelling to the next level, show instead of tell.

"Create a regular feature of interviewing your customers in your content. This not only builds social proof to your prospects, but it makes for more interesting content for your readers. Plus it gives something to your satisfied customer to share with friends and family," Phillips suggests. "Try doing a Facebook Live when visiting with a customer in person, or use a software such as to conduct the interview remotely. You can even simply send your customer a list of questions that they answer each month in your newsletter or your blog for a regular customer feature. Either way, you are creating content that makes both your customers look good and your business look good at the same time."

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