by Matt Alderton | May 10, 2019
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video has got to be worth millions. That makes video marketing one of the most valuable tools a modern meeting planner can have in her toolbox, author Sarah Hughes suggests in an article for The Bizzabo Blog, published by event-management software company Bizzabo.

"Video event marketing is (and will continue to become) an important tool for every step of the event-promotion process," writes Hughes, who says video is especially important for meeting professionals who want to connect with younger people. "Gen Z audiences on average watch online videos for an hour more per day than their Millennial counterparts," she notes.

But how, exactly, should you use video? One idea, according to Hughes, is to film your event one year, and use clips to create video teasers for the same event the next year using a video-creation platform like Wibbitz.

"In addition to sharing event details like location and dates, make sure your event-promotion video includes a sample of what your audience can expect," Hughes advises. "While post-event videos with audience testimonials are great, seeing participants experience the event live for themselves is so much more exciting. It also makes it easy for viewers to imagine themselves having the same experience."

Because that experience should be enjoyable, try creating FOMO -- fear of missing out -- by highlighting what's most fun about your event. "Showing off the parts of your event that your audience would consider the most fun is a great way to inspire future new and return ticket sales," Hughes concludes.

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