by Matt Alderton | June 14, 2017
Facebook Live is one of the newest ways to market your business. If you haven't used it yet, however, you might be wondering how, exactly, you can leverage it to engage customers and prospects.

Social Media Examiner's Matt Secrist has a good idea that's especially well suited to meeting professionals: Use Facebook Live to take your audience inside a destination or event.

"Journalists and news outlets help people experience events and news stories they can't be part of in real life. Facebook Live takes this to another level by allowing everyday people to see through the eyes of other people who broadcast," Secrist says. "To use this tactic for your business, go live at your own industry event or a conference your customers and partners would be interested in."

You can broadcast in segments as long as four hours.

"It might seem counterintuitive to broadcast a lengthy event, but Facebook recommends longer broadcasts because they give users more chances to discover your content," explains Secrist, who recommends being interactive when you can be. "To engage your audience, encourage questions in the comments and answer those questions if there's a Q&A session."

Finally, remember to invest in a mobile phone tripod to ensure a steady video image.

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