by Matt Alderton | September 05, 2018
Employers across sectors have learned a lot from tech companies in Silicon Valley. One of the most important lessons, however, is this: If you want your employees to perform, you must provide them with an office that makes them feel happy and productive.
In some respects, that requires managers and business owners to be not just leaders, but also interior designers.

If you're not a design-minded manager, don't fret: According to writer Kevin J. Ryan, you can make a big impact on your workforce with just a few small adjustments to your office design.

The first tweak you should make is doing away with your open-office plan. "Long rows of open-air desks might have been all the rage half a decade ago. But as Apple learned the hard way, employees don't actually like it," explains Ryan, who says employers with open-office plans should reinstitute private desks and create separate areas for group work. And if they did away with private offices, they should consider bringing those back, too.

If you're ready for something a little more advanced, here's an idea: Replace rectangular meeting rooms with hexagonal ones.

"If four sides are good, six sides are better," Ryan reports. "The problem with rectangles … is they're inherently hierarchical; there's always going to be a 'front' and a 'back.' A hexagonal room levels the playing field. As an added benefit, you'll be able to see everyone instead of only those sitting across from you. And materials placed on the walls will be more visible to everyone."

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