by Matt Alderton | March 21, 2018
If you're trying to reach a prospect or client, and you keep getting their voicemail, you probably view that as a failure. But what if it's actually an opportunity, instead? contributor Andrew Griffiths thinks that it is.
"Do you look at the messages you leave as marketing opportunities?" Griffiths asks. "Sometimes it's just about being a little creative with the message. Be mysterious, be fun, be enticing, and, most of all, give the potential customer a reason to call you back."

Consider, for example, this message Griffiths recently received:

"Hello Mr. Griffiths, it's Harry Smith here from Amazonia restaurant. I notice that you dine here quite often with clients. I imagine you would like to save some money. I can make it so that whenever you dine or entertain you get a 50 percent discount on your bill. I assume this would be appealing, so can you give me a call back when you have a moment? It will only take a few minutes to organize. Thanks very much for your business and your time. My number is..."

It worked: Griffiths called Harry back and purchased what he was selling: a loyalty card that cost $200 but would save him 50 percent whenever he dined at his favorite restaurant or other establishments in the same network.

"This chap was very smart, very effective," Griffiths explains. "He told me he made 90 percent of his sales from leaving messages and that, in fact, he preferred to leave messages because he knew that if someone rang back they were already interested, they were ringing at a time convenient for them, and even though they didn't necessarily know what the product was, they were halfway there because they already wanted the savings."

Don't lament getting someone's voicemail; leverage it.

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