by Matt Alderton | August 21, 2017
In offices across the country, employees' favorite time of day unquestionably is lunchtime. For smart employers, it's a time not only for employees to refuel, but also for them to reconnect -- to each other and, in so doing, the company.

"Employees who eat together stay together," reports contributor Heather Huhman, who says many companies are embracing family-style meals as a way to increase employee retention. If you want to keep your top talent in place, she suggests, you should, too.

One company that is leveraging lunchtime is GMR Web Team, an internet marketing and reputation-management company in Tustin, CA.

"The entire company has lunch together on Fridays. But the point of the lunch meetings isn't to talk shop; it's to improve the relationships among co-workers. As a result, the company is seeing better employee retention," continues Huhman, to whom GMR Web Team Founder and President Ajay Prasad said: "Keeping morale high with these team-bonding events not only goes well with employees, but with the company as a whole … People are willing to stay longer because friends are there, too."

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