by Matt Alderton | February 12, 2019
For most people, work is a bag of mixed emotions. Sometimes it makes you feel excited, fulfilled and engaged. Other times it makes you feel tired, weary and stressed. Of all the emotions one's career can trigger, however, one of the most damaging is envy, Monster contributor Daniel Bortz asserts in a recent article on the Monster blog.
"Though it's a natural human emotion, [envy] can escalate and even derail your career if it seeps into your job," Bortz writes.

Professionals who allow themselves to be blinded by negative emotions like envy risk squandering critical opportunities. Professionals who channel those negative emotions into positive objectives, however, have the ability to seize them, instead.

How? According to Bortz, individuals who feel envy in the workplace should do the opposite of their instincts by applauding their colleagues instead of attacking them. "Part of being a good co-worker is celebrating your peers' achievements," he says. "Let's say Jane got a promotion and you didn't. Instead of stewing over your loss, congratulate her -- ideally in front of your other co-workers. That kind of behavior will help cement your relationship with Jane (instead of tarnishing it) and lay the groundwork for her to reciprocate when you reach accomplishments in the future."

Furthermore, if you view the objects of your envy as allies instead of antagonists, you can learn from their achievements in ways that help you replicate their success. "Treat high achievers as potential mentors rather than opponents," Bortz advises. "Leveraging relationships with top-performing peers can help improve your skills. Also, simply being associated with the cream of the crop can boost your reputation -- and having that kind of positive image can help you get noticed by company brass."

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