by Matt Alderton | July 17, 2018
Headshots aren't just for professional speakers. If you're a modern-day careerist, they're also for you.
"A nice headshot can be useful for so many situations," insists The Muse contributor Alyse Kalish, who says professional headshots can be useful for: your email account; your email signature; your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram photos; your personal website or your portfolio; your guest posts or bylines; and your company bio that more and more companies send out when you start. "Trust me, at some point in your career, you will want to have this on hand."

You can pay a photographer to take a professional headshot. Or, you can take your own, according to Kalish, who offers five steps for a DIY headshot.

First, she advises, pick out a shirt you feel confident in. "Avoid the patterns, the dayGlo, anything too seasonal and anything that you'd wear out to a party," Kalish explains.

Next, she continues, "grab the newest phone you can get your hands on and a friend … Find a plain, but ideally interesting, backdrop. For example, a brightly painted wall. Avoid posing in front of windows or busy backgrounds (like a city street) unless you're a lighting and photography editing pro."

Finally, smile and take the photo. "Then do it again," Kalish concludes. "Take lots of shots so you can pick your favorite."

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