by Matt Alderton | October 05, 2017
If you feel like you need more balance in your life, it might not be more breaks that you need. Instead, it might be better breaks, according to contributor Lisa Evans.

"Breaks not only help to prevent burnout, but increase feelings of job satisfaction and helpfulness at work," Evans says. "But there are right and wrong ways to take a break."

According to Evans, the best break is an early break. "Waiting for that 3 p.m. slump to take your first break isn't going to yield great results, according to Hunter and Wu.  Their research found the best time of day to take a break was mid-morning," she continues. "Waiting until lunchtime or mid-afternoon to take a break isn't as effective, as your resources have already been drained and it becomes harder to replenish them later in the day."

How you spend your break also is important. "The best way to enjoy a break is to do an activity that you prefer to do, whether that means calling your mom or catching up on Facebook," Evans concludes.

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