by Matt Alderton | May 22, 2019
In order to grow and sustain their businesses, most companies these days are laser-focused on courting Millennials and their successors, Gen Z. In its rush to prepare for new customers, however, your firm might be overlooking its most tenured ones: baby boomers.
"Unfortunately, many new businesses ignore boomers, which is pretty misguided considering their generation controls 70 percent of the disposable income in the U.S.," author Rhett Power writes in a recent article for, in which he points out that boomers pump $3.2 trillion into the U.S. economy every year and tend to be extremely loyal to brands and companies they love. "Born between the years of 1946 and 1964, baby boomers are … ideal customers."

At least they can be -- provided you know how to engage them. The secret to doing so is speaking to them on their own terms, according to Power.

"Remember that baby boomers don't consider themselves senior citizens. Even though boomers continue to retire in record numbers, the oldest ones are only 73 (the new 43!), and the youngest are just 55. They take offense at words or storytelling that smacks of ageism or resorts to clichés," he continues. "Make sure the overall tone of your marketing doesn't come across as condescending or imply that your boomer audience is irrelevant. Don't overexplain trends or tech terms or dumb down your messaging as though you're talking to children -- you're actually trying to speak to a generation that boasts a lot of life experience. Boomers want to interact with brands that understand they are not old and that they make their own decisions."

In short: Appeal to boomers' experience and wisdom, not their age. If you do that, they'll continue to support your business in ways that younger professionals are not yet willing or able to.

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