by Matt Alderton | February 03, 2016
So, you got a promotion. Your work isn't done, however. Now, you've got to prove that you deserved it, according to Careerealism contributor Michelle Riklan.

"Even though promotions are exhilarating, they can also leave recipients uneasy about the change. Going from a position you had proven yourself in to a position with some inherent uncertainty will put a knot in the most confident stomachs," Riklan says.

To take charge of your new role and leverage it for even further advancement, make "listening" first on your to-do list.

"Embrace the newness and recognize your stakeholders -- those affected by your work and your team's work," Riklan advises. "Even if you are working with some of the same people, there is a good chance you have new stakeholders, or new relationships with stakeholders. Meet with them and listen to their feedback. From employees to suppliers to customers to your boss, they will let you know what's going well and what needs improvement from their perspectives."

It bears repeating: Don't talk; just listen. "You don't need to promise the world just because you're in a new role," Riklan continues. "You are there to gather their feedback so you can ensure expectations are met. You will learn a lot when you actively listen and these people will notice your engagement."

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