by Matt Alderton | November 15, 2015
Because they're convenient and affordable, services like Airbnb and Uber are growing more popular by the day. Not only among regular consumers, but also among meeting planners and attendees, according to Successful Meetings' Deanna Ting.
"What do Airbnb and Uber have in common, and why does it matter for meetings? They give people access to things that weren't quite as accessible before, facilitated by new technology, and they are changing the ways in which people want to meet right now and into the future," reports Ting, who offers meeting professionals several suggestions for getting started with the sharing economy.

"Some ways planners can begin to incorporate collaborative-economy resources," she continues, "… include: encouraging attendees to use a ridesharing app; staying at an Airbnb when hotels are booked up or are too expensive; booking a venue through a tool like Peerspace; hiring local makers to create local sets or venues; hiring A/V staff on contract through a marketplace like MEDIAmobz; or hiring additional staffers or couriers via Taskrabbit."

The key is starting small, then expanding from there. "Use it for just 5 percent of your event, and then slowly integrate it as it becomes more useful," Crowd Companies' Jeremiah Owyang tells Ting.

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