by Matt Alderton | November 15, 2017
The holiday season is an ideal time to deepen your relationships with clients and customers by giving them the perfect gift. But that's easier said than done.

"As businesses are getting ready to send out their holiday gifts to customers, partners, and vendors, it can be stressful to figure out what to actually buy for these people. Send a gift that's impersonal or not relevant to your recipient and you risk hurting your own brand's reputation and you partnerships," says guest writer Laura Jennings.

According to Jennings, the best holiday gifts are the most memorable ones. You can make yours stand out, she says, by sending it with a story.

"The story might be as simple as 'I selected this for you because…,' 'We discovered this product when…,' or 'This year we're giving XXX because…'" Jennings explains. "The story will help them remember your gift long after the physical gift has been used."

Another way to make your gift more memorable is to go for the unexpected. For instance, give food -- a common gift -- but add a twist in the form of a non-consumable item. 

"Adding one or two non-food items to the gift can increase its memorability by 30 percent," says Jennings. "What can remain in the office after your recipients have enjoyed the treats in their gift? An office terrarium for the break room; interesting coasters for the boardroom; a cutting board, or tea towel for the kitchen. Permanent items like these will keep your gift top-of-mind long after the goodies are gone."

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