by Matt Alderton | January 02, 2018
If you're planning to look for a new job in 2018, there's one tool you're probably taking for granted: email.

"It's often the very first impression you make that can make all the difference," says U.S. News & World Report contributor Hallie Crawford. "Even before seeing your resume, a hiring manager, human resources professional, or networking connection may see your email."

If you want to effectively leverage your email for job searching, you should focus on one element, in particular: your email signature.

"There are several elements you can adjust in your signature line to make your email professional and unique," Crawford says. "For example, consider including your branding statement. Your statement is a combination of your skills, your work experience, how you stand out from your peers in your industry, your values, and the results you provide to your customers or clients. It should make clear what you bring to an employer that most people don't."

A meeting planner's personal branding statement, for example, might read, "Jane plans successful meetings for corporate groups by turning small budgets into large experiences." 

A small headshot also is a nice touch. "This is a great way to give the recruiter a face to put with your name and resume," Crawford says. "People connect with people, not just a piece of paper. Make sure that your headshot is a professional photo with good resolution. Consider using the same headshot you have on LinkedIn to standardize your professional image."

Everyone closes an email with their name. Closing yours with something a little more personal could be exactly the touch you need to stand out. 

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