by Matt Alderton | August 13, 2017
When it comes to food and beverage, it pays to be on the cutting edge, according to culinary "trendologist" Christine Couvelier, chef and founder of Culinary Concierge, a consultancy that provides trend watching, menu planning, product development, and culinary touring for the global food industry.

"Right now consumers know more about food than ever before," Couvelier tells Successful Meetings magazine. "Meeting attendees are aware of what's happening in the food world, so to have an event and not be thoughtful about food and beverage is missing out on an important opportunity."

To seize that opportunity, meeting planners must work with venues and caterers to deliver food and beverage that is not only delicious, but also current. That requires staying on top of current food trends, which is easy to do with a little bit of time and an Internet connection.

"One of the interesting ways to look at what's happening in the food world is to read the newspaper on Wednesdays," Couvelier advises. "Most often on Wednesdays, newspapers from around the world feature a food section. Just sitting at the computer and reading different food sections on Wednesday gives you some insight into what the public is looking for, talking about, cooking, and wanting to taste."

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