by Matt Alderton | November 07, 2018
Even if you love what you do, the reality is: There's really only one reason you and your employees show up to work every day, and that's to get paid. Unfortunately, that isn't always easy.
Take it from contributor Joe Worth. "At one of my companies, we sold six-figure packages of services to Fortune 500 companies," he says. "We assumed that getting a signature on a purchase order meant we'd be paid. That turned out not to be true."

The reason you have trouble getting paid isn't that your clients are deadbeats. Rather, it's because you're sending inferior invoices, according to Worth, who offers this advice for creating invoices that get paid quickly:

"The more thorough they are, the faster you get paid. They need to describe everything ordered and/or services provided. They need purchase order numbers. (A copy of the actual document doesn't hurt.) You want to provide them with absolutely everything you can to prevent them from delaying payment because, as we've probably all heard before, they 'don't have enough information.' Also be sure to provide clear and complete payment instructions, including prominent display of the date by which they've agreed to pay."

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