by Matt Alderton | September 18, 2018
People who are interested in climbing the corporate ladder spend a great deal of time thinking about the things they should do to advance another rung. Just as important, however, is thinking about the things you're already doing that keep that rung out of reach, according to Glassdoor contributor Julia Malacoff.
"It's incredibly hard to recognize your own bad habits, especially when it comes to the workplace," Malacoff says. "There are several super common bad work habits, however, that can be solved relatively easily once you acknowledge them … Your future success depends on it."

One of the most important behaviors to change if you want to get a promotion is gossiping, according to Malacoff.

"Gossip often occurs in the workplace when morale is low. When people are unhappy at work, they want something to talk about other than their own dissatisfaction with their job," she continues. "But gossiping at the watercooler can actually lower morale further, especially if some of your coworkers -- or worse, your boss -- find out they're being talked about."

The same goes for negativity. "We get it, sometimes you have to do things at work that are less than ideal, but complaining won't actually fix anything," Malacoff concludes. "In fact, constant griping could make your coworkers see you as a negative person, and, in turn, lead to less-than-stellar peer reviews or even a reprimand from your superiors."

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