by Matt Alderton | September 19, 2017
Because they bring to their work a unique set of skills and attributes that their older counterparts often lack, young leaders are an integral part of every company's workforce. Unfortunately, however, many of them have a tendency to job hop, moving between companies frequently in pursuit of the perfect position.

If you're worried about losing your best Millennials, there's an easy way to keep them, according to contributor and generations expert Ryan Jenkins: Make work "experiential."

"Millennials … put a premium on experiences and have elevated expectations of how products, services, and employment are delivered to them. For example, 77 percent of Millennials say some of their best memories are from an event or live experience they attended or participated in," reports Jenkins, who cites research showing that people's satisfaction increases when they spend money on experiences and decreases when they spend money on material things; the same logic that applies to shopping applies to work, he says. "The goal of employee experience is to shift Millennials' relationship with work from considering it like a material purchase, where satisfaction decreases over time, to an experiential purchase, where the anticipation of going to work is exciting and job satisfaction increases over time."

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