by Matt Alderton | January 10, 2019
Often, the key to work/life balance is knowing how to compartmentalize -- keeping work life at work and home life at home. Some life events, however, are so disruptive that they can help but bleed from one realm into the other. Divorce is one of those events.
Author Jennifer Billock knows firsthand. In a recent article for The Muse, she recounts how her own divorce impacted her productivity at work. "Divorce is hard, whether you're expecting it or not. And maintaining a high level of work performance through the long and often devastating process is even more difficult," she says. "But it doesn't have to be an uphill slog the entire time. There are steps you can take to help yourself get through a tough personal time without your professional life falling apart."

According to Billock, vacation time can be your savior. "When you're first confronted with the reality of an impending divorce, whether it was you or your partner who initiated the split, the trauma can be difficult to handle … [Consider] using some vacation days to refocus," she reports. "You need to get through the initial few days and come to terms with what's happening. You'll have the time to sit and ponder the thousand questions you'll be asking yourself, without interference from calls or emails."

Make the most of your days off by focusing on self-care. "Make those days all about you -- feel all the emotions you need to feel, and then find ways to self-soothe. If you normally work out, try to get to the gym. Take short walks outside. Try yoga. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Try to avoid junk food," Billock continues. "If you can't take any time off, try to work remotely. When you get back to the office, you'll have that much more mental stability to focus and stay at a high performance level."

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