by Matt Alderton | June 29, 2017
When you're in the middle of a busy workday, taking a timeout away from your desk can make all the difference for your productivity, as well as your sanity. Unfortunately, going for a walk isn't always possible.

"We've all been there before. Sometimes you know that taking a step back and heading outside for a breath of fresh air would help you power through the day, but you're stuck at your desk waiting for a call, or you have a meeting starting in six minutes, or just can't," says contributor Katrina Davies. "This is when you have to opt for a right-where-you-are destresser."

To get the relief you need -- where you are -- try giving yourself an ear massage, Davies suggests.

"This may seem like strange workplace advice, but this practice from traditional Chinese medicine has been proven to work. Medical studies have shown that ear massage … relieved stress and anxiety in pre-op and post-op hospital patients," she says. "The trick is to massage your ear gently, right in the middle of the upper third of your ear. This spot, called the Shen Men point, reportedly decreases stress and boosts energy -- just what you need on a trying day. If you have trouble finding the particular spot, start by massaging your earlobes then working your way up and around the outer shell of your ear. This should produce much the same effect as Shen Men."

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