by Matt Alderton | August 28, 2017
As a manager, it's not just your job to make sure your employees do good work. Rather, it's your job to make sure they do good work consistently. That requires instilling in them good habits, which requires positive reinforcement of high-performance behaviors.

Positive reinforcement can come in the form of compensation and benefits. Equally impactful, however, is when it comes in the form of words.

"You know the success of your business rests on the shoulders of your employees. That's why you offer them a raise, put a ping-pong table in the staff room, and provide other 'cool' perks, like an office beer fridge and weekly yoga," says contributor Lisa Evans. "But a recent report by TINYpulse shows all those perks may be for naught if employees aren't also receiving the occasional 'thank you.'"

The best "thanks" you can give, according to Evans, is a specific one. "Saying 'thank you' can go a long way toward improving employees' perceptions of the workplace, but … acknowledging why you're grateful can have an even more powerful impact," she continues. "Saying, 'Thank you for working on the weekend,' for example, recognizes the action of the individual, but adding, 'You really helped us meet this tight deadline,' is even more powerful because it highlights the reason the action was important and reinforces the positive behaviors you want to encourage in the organization."

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