by Matt Alderton | September 17, 2018
As a manager, your job is to lead your employees to increased productivity and positive business outcomes. Unfortunately, sometimes it's also to break up arguments, stop office gossip and mediate petty conflicts. Or, put more simply: to nip drama in the bud.
"When there is tension between two opposing forces, drama ensues. This structure is as true in the business world as it is in storytelling," explains SmartBrief contributor Dr. Nate Regier, co-founder, owner, and CEO of Next Element. "Unfortunately, rather than just driving a narrative, drama in interpersonal relationships often becomes more destructive than productive."

So destructive that active disengagement at work due to dramatic interactions costs U.S. businesses up to $550 billion annually, reports Regier, who says the key to defusing destructive drama is "compassionate accountability."

"Compassionate accountability … is the art of using conflict to catalyze positive outcomes," explains Regier, who says leaders who practice compassionate accountability are honest about their motives, quick to offer solutions to problems, and transparent about their boundaries. "Compassion doesn't have to be a touchy-feely lovefest of emotion or a disingenuous display of kindness. It's all about empathy and transparency, and making sure that any missteps along the way are turned into launching pads for future success."

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