by Matt Alderton | September 11, 2017
Teambuilding retreats can be a great way to unite, inspire, and motivate employees.

"A team retreat is an excellent, but often underutilized, team-building tool," says contributor Thomas Smale. "Interacting in a new environment leaves the team refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when they return to work."

Not all employee retreats are created equal, however. If you want yours to actually build your team instead of divide it, you'll need to forego traditional approaches in favor of something everyone can appreciate: fun.

"When planning activities for your retreat, try to avoid traditional icebreakers and team-building activities, which can sometimes feel forced, don't always work, and can even do more harm than good," Smale says. "Instead, replace these tired approaches with fun activities for your staff to participate in. Simple activities like a group kayak tour or volleyball on the beach have their own worth in just allowing the team to let loose and try something different together. Having fun and potentially even competing for something -- like a prize -- can help bond team members that may not have otherwise come together. This can open lines of communication and even foster future collaboration. The key thing is to ensure everyone has fun."

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