by Matt Alderton | February 20, 2019
Doing business in the year 2019 is fraught with risks. That's because the modern business landscape is littered with landmines; if it's not careful where it steps, your organization could end up critically -- or even fatally -- injured.

Fortunately, there's a solution with which every business owner already is familiar, author Annie Pilon writes in a recent article for Small Business Trends: insurance.

To deal with new kinds of risks, Pilon says, business owners need new kinds of insurance policies. "Traditional business insurance policies only cover the basics like basic liability and property damage due to theft or certain natural disasters," she writes. "However, you may want to evaluate the other risks that your business faces so you can be sure you're covered."

Among the policies that Pilon recommends in the year 2019 are: cybersecurity insurance, sexual-harassment insurance and flood insurance.

The first, cybersecurity insurance, can protect your company from common cyber threats like wire-transfer fraud and ransomware attacks. The second can safeguard your business in the "Me Too" era, providing coverage not only for sexual-harassment claims, but also claims of discrimination, wrongful termination and other HR risks. Finally, there's flood insurance, which can protect businesses from the kinds of historic storms that have become routine as a consequence of climate change.

Concludes Pilon, "Today's business owners face an ever-evolving set of challenges. Those challenges could lead you to seek out additional insurance policies so you're covered in case those issues impact your bottom line."

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