by Matt Alderton | April 25, 2017
You're not supposed to judge a book by its cover. And yet, that's exactly what prospective employers do during job interviews: They judge how professional you'll be in the workplace by how professional you look at the interview.

Looking professional isn't just about what you wear, however. "While attire is important, there are a few additional ways to polish your look from head to toe," says contributor Vicki Salemi.

According to Salemi, one clever way to polish your professional image during a job interview is with business accessories.

"Get a really nice pen," she suggests. "You don't have to spend more than $15 to $20 on one, and it's worth it to add a special flair to your overall presentation. If you've ever attended meetings with executives, take note of their accessories, as well as their behavior. They probably don't hoard extra snack food for later, and if they're taking notes the old-school way, they probably use a Waterman or Cross pen. Nice pens put an extra stamp of approval to your executive look, even when you're not even pursuing C-suite roles."

Along with a nice pen, consider showing up with a nice portfolio. "Whether it's leather or pleather, it matters not, just be sure it looks relatively new and not weathered in the corners," Salemi continues. "Use it to carry additional copies of your résumé. While it's pretty unlikely an interviewer will eliminate you from the candidate pool for not having a portfolio, it gives you something professional to hold."

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