by Matt Alderton | December 12, 2017
Careers are often compared to ladders: You start at the bottom and -- slowly but surely -- climb your way to the top. The highest rung? A job with a "C" in front of it: CEO, for example, COO, CFO, CMO, or CIO.
"The C-suite: It's not really a job. It's an achievement," says Monster contributor Kate Ashford. "When you get there, you know you've arrived in your career."

You may be a couple months from your first executive job, a couple years, or even a couple decades. But there's things you can do now to start preparing for your C-level future.

First and foremost, Ashford says, is developing your leadership skills. "Recruiters are looking to see if you have people who will follow you," she explains. "Boost leadership experience off the job by serving on an executive board, offering to start a local chapter of a national organization, or launching a nonprofit."

Look for on-the-job opportunities, too. "Ask your current business manager for 'leadership development opportunities' such as to lead a task force to improve customer relationships," Laura Handrick, an HR analyst for, tells Ashford. "Or tackle a pressing work problem like warehouse shrinkage."

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