by Matt Alderton | August 19, 2017
If you want to keep attendees engaged, entertained, and interested in your meeting, there's one word you need to memorize, according to Successful Meetings contributor Ken Sterling: "experiential."

"According to Harvard Magazine, experiential learning is multisensory and participative. It is highly effective because it engages the senses in a way that promotes learning and comprehension on multiple levels," says Sterling, chief marketing officer at BigSpeak Speakers' Bureau. "This is as true in the business world as it is in education."

To make your meeting experiential, you should follow a few general guidelines when planning it, according to Sterling. For starters, you should engineer multisensory experiences that include music, art, or hands-on workshops. Also, use an emcee or host who can provide entertainment while also connecting the dots between speakers. And finally, think as much about relationships as you do about content.

"Home in on the human aspect," Sterling concludes. "Promote ways to encourage interaction and spaces where conversations can easily happen."

Simply put: Experiential meetings aren't about creating content for attendees to consume; they're about creating opportunities for attendees to participate and engage.

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