by Matt Alderton | January 25, 2019
When you consider the anatomy of a meeting, among its essential organs are breakouts, the structure and theme of which can reveal a lot about the event. Is the meeting fun, for example, or serious? Is it casual or classy? Is it low-cost or luxe? Often, the breakouts tell attendees all they need to know.

As a meeting planner, it therefore behooves you to engineer meeting breakouts that feel contemporary and current.

So, what kinds of breakouts feel relevant to attendees in the year 2019? According to Hilton Senior Vice President of Sales, Americas, Frank Passanante, "rewarding breakouts" are where it's at.

"Across the industry, we're beginning to see an uptick in smaller, more intimate team meetings being booked," Passanante tells Northstar Meetings Group. "What's great about these smaller meetings is the flexibility they allow meeting professionals to partner with our hotel teams to create one-of-a-kind breakouts that not only energize, but reward, attendees."

Examples from Hilton's Meet with Purpose program show how breakouts can be rewarding both for attendees and for the communities in which meetings take place.

"It provides an opportunity for attendees to step away from the traditional meeting space to individually recharge, engage with other attendees and connect with the local community," Passanante explains. "The program was launched in 2015 with a handful of breakouts -- the most popular being Puppies & Ice Cream, a playful meeting break for attendees to enjoy ice cream and play time with local dogs available for adoption, and Blooms & Cheer, a chance to allow guests to create their own unique flower agreement to take home or donate to a local organization."

According to Passanante, Hilton continues "to evolve the program with new activities that help attendees give back to the communities and causes they care about."

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