by Matt Alderton | February 07, 2019
If you feel like you spend too much time engrossed in your professional life, and not enough time tending to your personal life, there might be an easy solution to help you achieve a better balance between them -- working from home.
"One of the biggest benefits of remote work is the flexibility it allows you in other areas of your life," author Abby Wolfe writes in an article for The Muse.

Here's the rub: Before you can make the switch to remote work, you'll need to convince your boss to let you do it.

If your boss is skeptical, that might be easier said than done. But Wolfe has some tips to help you plead your case successfully. She says one of the most important things you can do, for instance, is to anticipate your manager's objections and proactively present a plan that resolves them.

For example, Wolfe says one of managers' biggest concerns is communication; if you think your boss will be worried about your ability to stay in touch, reassure him or her by demonstrating how a digital presence -- using Slack, for example, or videoconferencing -- can compensate for your physical absence.

Because another common concern is productivity, try committing to a set schedule.

"Being able to anticipate any questions or concerns your boss might have -- and providing potential solutions -- can go a long way," Wolfe concludes. "It'll show that you've put a lot of thought into this and considered not just what you want, but how this could impact others and your work."

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