by Matt Alderton | June 05, 2017
When it comes to recruiting new talent, hiring is only half the battle. If you want new hires to stick, you also must take great care to integrate them into your company once they're there. Starting immediately.

"The first 90 days are the right time to introduce hires to new colleagues, share with them your expectations, and help them to understand the specific values your company espouses," explains Forbes contributor Maren Hogan.

A structured onboarding program is key, according to Hogan, who advocates easy and low-cost ways to make newbies feel welcome.

"A standardized onboarding program shows your new employees just how happy you are that they're there," she continues. "Gratitude, check-ins, and making people feel as if their contributions matter are all great (free!) ways to ensure your new hires feel seen, heard, and accountable."

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