by Matt Alderton | December 05, 2017
'Tis the season for holiday parties. And depending on how you handle yourself at them, they can either make your career or break it.

"Once upon a time in a rented hotel ballroom far, far away, the perfect holiday party was thrown. Different department teams mingled merrily, and even the introverts felt perfectly at ease. Nobody got wasted, and everyone got along perfectly," jests Monster contributor Dominique Rodgers. "But since you don't work at Imaginary Office Inc., you have to deal with a real-life holiday party -- and it can be tricky."

If you want to maintain the integrity of your career, the first step, obviously, is to avoid over-imbibing. But there's more to holiday-party success than sobriety, according to Rodgers. For instance, think about to whom you speak at the party.

"Take some time to network at your office holiday party. Hop outside of your silo and hang out with a different department. By making an effort to speak to someone outside your circle, you can grow your sphere of influence," she suggests.

Also, think about what you'll talk about.

"Your co-workers are more than just humans that you work with; they're also humans that have families, hobbies, and causes they care about -- just like you do," Rodgers says. "It's hard to have a good time when you're discussing the finer points of your job responsibilities, so avoid work topics as conversation starters."

Finally, say "thanks."

"Before you leave your holiday office party, be sure to show gratitude for your employer's generosity," Rodgers concludes. "Planning a party, regardless of size, is no easy feat. Find your boss and the party organizers, and thank them for the festivities. This tiny gesture can go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd."

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